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30 iPad Charging Cart

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Product Overview

Recharges and transports up to 30 iPads/tablet devices.

Clean looking white with gray top powdered coated cart. This cart

is, 38”h x 22”d x 20”w cart with 5” locking casters. The cart has

two shelves with wire separators and a charging cable management

system. Two -16 outlet, switched power strips are available for up to

15 iPads per shelf. They are wired to a single power cord. The cabinet

includes a 20 CFM cooling fan and a access point mount. There

is plenty of room for extra tablets or even a projector. The back is

secured in place with security bolts however, it completely removes

for added device installation and service. A 6 ft power-cord UL Rated

at 15 amps connects the cart to the external power outlet. It is ready

to go right out of the box.



•Rugged all steel white or special colored cart.

•Permits many classrooms or locations to share the technology.

•Big 5" locking casters for easy movement.

•Size is 38" H x 22"D x 20" wide with 2 shelves.

•Fast and easy to load or unload.

•Arrives fully assembled and ready to operate

•Slots for 30 iPads or tablet devices.

•Simple to secure with a bolted rear door and a locking front door.

•Clean easy to manage cart with back door removal for fast modifications.


1. Open cart and remove or load devices.

2. Plug in for recharge

3. Easy to roll to desired location.

Mobile iPad Cart: Specifications



This platform is a rugged, locking, cart of all metal construction with a white particle

coating. It is 31” high, thereby neatly fitting in the classroom. Length and width are 20” x 

20” permitting it to move down a classroom aisle. It has 5” wheels attached for easy movement.

The two rear wheels have push down locking levers to fix the cart position. It arrives

fully assembled with all power cords installed and routed using conduit holders. There are

2 shelves with 15 positions for iPads on each shelf. A 6 ft. power cord rated at 15 amps

connects the cart to building power outlets. Inside the cart there are 30 outlets available for

the recharger unit connections.

Weight 78 lbs.


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