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iPad Charging and Sync Cart

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Product Overview

32-Port USB Charging Cart Storage Station Android Tablet iPad - Cart (sync and charge) for 32 tablets - powder-coated steel - black

The CSC32USB 32-device USB charging station cart provides fast charging, convenient syncing, secure storage and cord management for up to 32 iPad, Android, Surface and Kindle tablets, as well as mobile phones and other USB devices. It's ideal for education, office, commercial, retail, industrial and healthcare environments.

32 USB ports deliver the fastest charging supported by each device, up to 2.4A per port. A USB uplink port connects to a host computer for wired syncing, though the CSC32USB also supports wireless syncing and simultaneous syncing/charging (up to 1.5A per port during wired syncing).

The cart provides comprehensive device protection with steel construction and a black powder-coated finish for long-term durability. It locks with the included keys to prevent device theft, damage or tampering. Flow-through ventilation inhibits overheating, specially coated shelves prevent device scratches and scuffs, and rubber grommets protect against cord damage.

The cart also provides clutter-free organization of devices and cabling. Charging cords store out of sight, and a toolless trim panel permits quick service access.

When moving devices from room to room, the cart provides effortless mobility. Large swivel casters with non-marking wheels deliver a smooth ride and lock to prevent unwanted movement at rest. The reversible wide-grip handle permits easy cart control.

The cart is also easy to configure. It ships ready for quick, easy installation, and the handle and cord wrap attach on either side. The split front doors open 180 degrees for unrestricted device and service access. Rear-panel slots support optional wall-mount installation, and removable shelf dividers accommodate thicker devices.

Key Selling Points

  • 32 USB ports provide fastest charging supported by each device, up to 2.4A per port
  • Perfect for iPad, Android, Surface and Kindle tablets
  • Also charges mobile phones and other USB devices
  • Fits tablets with cases (up to 16.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 in. with cord)
  • Detachable 10 ft. AC input cord
  • USB sync uplink port connects to host computer for wired syncing
  • Also compatible with wireless syncing
  • Supports simultaneous syncing and charging (up to 1.5A per port during wired syncing)
  • Sturdy steel construction and powder-coated finish provide long-term durability
  • Doors lock with included keys to prevent device theft, damage or tampering
  • Extra-secure 3-point locking mechanism latches doors at top, middle and bottom
  • Built-in hasp and user-supplied padlock can replace or supplement built-in lock
  • Rear security ports accommodate user-supplied bicycle cable or chain lock
  • Flow-through ventilation prevents devices from overheating
  • Coated shelves shield devices from scratches and scuffs
  • Cord access ports have rubber grommets to prevent damage
  • Charging cord slack stores out of sight
  • Charging cord access ports for each device
  • Toolless trim panel permits quick cord access
  • Compact unit fits in same space as typical utility cart
  • Large 4 in. non-marking swivel casters deliver smooth ride
  • Casters lock to prevent unwanted movement at rest
  • Wide-grip push-pull handle permits easy cart control
  • Cord wrap keeps input cord out of the way when moving cart
  • Handle and cord wrap mount on either side of cart
  • Cart's cabinet ships fully assembled – just attach handle and cord wrap
  • Doors open 180 degrees for unrestricted device and service access
  • Split doors reduce clearance requirements
  • Rear-panel mounting slots support optional wall-mount installation
  • Removable dividers accommodate thicker devices
  • Firmware upgrade port for future updates

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